Recent fundings

Divino Argento (crowdfunding project)

PRIN (Prot. 2017EKCS35) [2020-2022]
SUNSET – SUpramolecular and Nanostructured Systems for the analysis of Emerging pollutants through optical Transduction “  29/10/2019 -29/10/2023.

PNRR- Partenariato Esteso   “INF-ACT One Health Basic and Translational Research Actions addressing Unmet Needs on Emerging Infectious Diseases”, area tematica 13 “Malattie infettive emergenti”: spoke 5, Università di Pavia, WP 5.5. Inizio: novembre 2022.

PNRR – Centro Nazionale di Ricerca Sviluppo di terapia genica e farmaci con tecnologia a RNA, spoke 9, “Toxicology and Immunoreactivity of RNA drugs”

MetrINO-Metrology for innovative nanotherapeutics (22HLT04/h03) 
EURAMET – European Partnership on Metrology 2022
Inizio Settembre 2023 Durata 3 anni

PRIN (Prot. 2022MHWXCA) [2023-2025]
“SAPERE: Nanoparticles Synthesis Assisted by design of exPERimEnts”